The best full-stack framework for AI chatbots is here

Add To Your Site In Minutes

ConvoStack is designed for developers to easily embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget into a website with as little as a few lines of code, completely for free!

Offer your users full support conversations in plain English, powered by the Langchain framework with an option to add your own AI model.

Supports popular frameworks such as Pinecone DB, Express, and React to seamlessly connect with your current website.

As a free and open-source framework, we encourage you to build upon our chatbot implementation.

Built upon a tech stack used and loved by developers.

Customize for your own use case!

Effortlessly integrate your own AI model using LangChain, the leading open-source framework that provides developers tools to build applications powered by large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT.
ConvoStack leverages the versatility of Express.js, providing a seamless integration with your backend, making it effortless to connect and incorporate powerful functionalities
Supercharge your frontend with ConvoStack's sleek and customizable React component, enabling you to effortlessly and quickly elevate your website's AI chatbot interface.
Unlock responsive chatbot conversations with ConvoStack, harnessing the power of Redis. This utility-first framework empowers your users to seamlessly chat with AI agents.


Built entirely with Typescript, ConvoStack ensures full-stack type-safety for a more smooth and enjoyable developer experience.
ConvoStack utilizes the capabilities of GraphQL to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data from your AI chatbot's backend.